COIL 23rd October 2004

31 Oct

The final Coil gig took place in Dublin at the city’s 18th-century Exchange, a neo-classical building in the centre of the city. The performance was in the rotunda beneath a large highly decorative gold dome supported by twelve Portland stone columns. Audience member huddled together under the great dome or lazed and hung around the surrounding ambulatory drown in dry ice, sweeping search lights and the echo echo echo from the natural acoustics. The show was the closing ceremony of the Dublin Electronic Arts Festival 2004. It was October, just before the first frost. It was a celebratory somber affair, an electrically stimulated precipice, people teetering on the edge and ready for lift off throughout but we were instead scattered sideways, displaced in space and time. Some still remain there to this day. I will never forget the sight and sound of Jhonn covering his microphone with his hand and shouting up at the dome, and it boom back down at him. Hairs stand on end still. Jhonn died just three weeks later, he was 42. RIP.


This is a faded polaroid taken that evening –



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