A Tumble

04 Oct

Initially there was just a tumble at a dance. An introduction to the wall to wall. Up above through a fringe and outstretched helping hands was the chandelier, crystals glisten & chime, gradient radiant light, prisms engulfing the hall, the ballroom. Soft green giving way to translucent pink speckled with orange shards, retracting to mauve, igniting as white hot blues tipped by a yellow as pure as a Van Gogh. Red from the blood in my eyes, slight wound, just above my left eye. I swathe in the moment for an age, eventually slowly emerging in the knowledge I would be injury free if I was wearing an armoured suit of diamond scales… I could hear the spectral flaring.
I would save the day, vanquish evil, deliver the kingdom to peace and harmony with this spectacular armour. An armoured suit of diamond scales, spectral colour flashing with every breath. Such a blistering sight, bright beyond belief, this image burned on the mind’s eye of anyone lucky or unfortunate enough to witnessed it. A prism displacing. Almost as an enormous kingfisher gliding through, a salmon battling up, a sharp swift rainbow soaring through the dull, the damp, the miserable.
This was the light they had all been promised, this was the saving grace or a reckoning evoked and punishing. We ‘The Glistening’ led the charge, blinding and disorienting the enemy with lasers of prism and sharp sharp bright white light of rightful conquest, I will deliver you from evil, my kingdom will come, follow me… just bring your shades.


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