Welcome a Good Night’s Sleep

02 Sep

I implore you, at least for a good-night’s sleep on your part, extend a helping hand to those presently most in need. Not just those from TV. Or from print media headlines. Or on line trending #misery. Not just ‘people’, but men, women and children. Families. Whole communities. From war thorn conflict and foul economic situations. From oppressive religious doctrine. Those that have been enslaved, corrupted, denied, branded as an enemy. Perhaps by welcoming them into our community it may resonate around the rest of the world, they will ask how can we be so humane, why are we showing such compassion, they will ask and we can answer with love and support.

My children deserve better, regardless of what rules your god’s have dreamed up and in spite of what your government passes into law, and you KNOW IT. Do the right thing. Ask the powers that be to do the right thing. Left, right, ask them.

Love, peace and harmony, everything else is unpalatable and becomes amplified with age and absolute at deaths door, so please do the right thing.

I want nothing but good for my children.

I want nothing but good for children.

Drop water not bombs, send schools not drones.

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