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March 22

Fathers brothers sons say ‘good-bye, this is my life now’


All of the Faces

All of the faces

We haven’t seen in ages

Still at a distance.

All of the faces

In masks and disguises

I can still see your eyes smile.

All of the faces

On screens and through windows

Surrounded by rainbows.

All of the faces

Hug at a distance

Two meter is miles.

All of the faces

We haven’t seen in ages

It’s yours that I miss most.


A Tumble

Initially there was just a tumble at a dance. An introduction to the wall to wall. Up above through a fringe and outstretched helping hands was the chandelier, crystals glisten & chime, gradient radiant light, prisms engulfing the hall, the ballroom. Soft green giving way to translucent pink speckled with orange shards, retracting to mauve, igniting as white hot blues tipped by a yellow as pure as a Van Gogh. Red from the blood in my eyes, slight wound, just above my left eye. I swathe in the moment for an age, eventually slowly emerging in the knowledge I would be injury free if I was wearing an armoured suit of diamond scales… I could hear the spectral flaring.
I would save the day, vanquish evil, deliver the kingdom to peace and harmony with this spectacular armour. An armoured suit of diamond scales, spectral colour flashing with every breath. Such a blistering sight, bright beyond belief, this image burned on the mind’s eye of anyone lucky or unfortunate enough to witnessed it. A prism displacing. Almost as an enormous kingfisher gliding through, a salmon battling up, a sharp swift rainbow soaring through the dull, the damp, the miserable.
This was the light they had all been promised, this was the saving grace or a reckoning evoked and punishing. We ‘The Glistening’ led the charge, blinding and disorienting the enemy with lasers of prism and sharp sharp bright white light of rightful conquest, I will deliver you from evil, my kingdom will come, follow me… just bring your shades.


“…can you still tan in the light of a dead star?”

My edge is as surgical laser precision.
Operating in zero gravity.
On an industrial scale.
Decades advanced in an alternate universe.
Orbiting a white dwarf.
…can you still tan in the light of a dead star?

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Default Setting

Default setting
More often than not
I catch myself
I have to stop myself
Delivering obituaries for my nearest and dearest

Default setting
More often than not
I catch myself
I have to stop myself
Stood at the curb
Watching in slow slow-motion
As the wing mirror hit, tear and peel off my face

Default setting
More often than not
I catch myself
I have to stop myself
Cleaning up this mess.


It Must be a Dream

I was involved with a criminal gang, just selling dope really. One lad got out of order and another pulled a gun on him, I was outraged, shocked, embarrassed and frightened, this was big do do for us, serious shit, he proceed to shoot him but only after setting fire to the old warehouse that we were hanging around in.
I could not believe it, it must be a dream. Next morning I walked past the warehouse down by the docks and it had indeed been burned down. I recognised the guy going through the rubble as he had looked in through the door last night just as things kicked off, I knew he was a witness, I knew he had seen us there, he was fearful of me but I now feared for him.

Police came to my house last night & arrested me because details of a recent crime was similar to my post about a dream I had. I am now their number one suspect in an arson & murder case. When I woke up I was in a cell.


This Richness

It is a richness
For the loss of a better word
Or words.
It is something I never considered
Or heard told
It is unexpected
And rewarding
In my life.

This richness
Sole circumstances
Equates to you.
You are biology, psychology
You compliment me
Unfathomable creature
Unassuming necessity
Turn me to word salad
And other weak at the knee cliché.

This richness inflates
Makes glad.
An elevated equilibrium
Higher state of consciousness
And other romantic scenarios
Sharing this rich existence as we do
In the greater scheme
Appearing as slight as a plant turns to the sun
Yet I believe will consume at the end.

for KK


I Got to See Agnes Sing

I got to see Agnes sing a number of times in Dublin. First was at the Olympia in 1990, support act on the night was Marc Almond, it was his first piano and voice only retrospective. I invited the girl I really fancied along. We sat third row, center stage. She translated the German parts for me, whispering the strange dark story of revenge and mass murder into my ear, then in the same breath asked me never to call her again.

The last show was upstairs in Slattery’s on Capel Street, north side of Dublin, no man lands. There were six people there including the promoter Mr. Smiley Bolger, Agnes and a pianist. That show has danced around my head ever since. Teetering on the edge of such a high stool dangling her Tootsies. Greater than any high wire act. Trapeze Artists have nothing on you. Wall of Death motorcycle drivers at least have Centripetal Force on their side. Agnes had gravity conspiring against her. We watched from a great height. We ate our nails. That was the edge. We were the fringe. This was happening and we were present and no one else even cared, over and over and over again. In the course of an evening we became fluent, but our translations would be lost in thought.
Drogen lachen “don’t listen to the words”.

I play my three albums to death, the radio shows too, I know every breath.
Anything for more please. Anything?


A Virtual Compilation

Early last year while recording I accidentally loaded the wrong sample then left the voice in the piece as a happy accident. Earlier this year I read about a fundraising campaign for Genesis P-Orridge and a call for music related to he/r so I submitted the happy accident –

On the 23rd of the month it is customary at 23:00 to reach out creatively and express oneself, January 23rd is my son’s birthday so it was an extra special experiment, this is the result, made entirely from Psychic TV, Thee Majesty and Genesis P-Orridge tracks with just a little encouragement from our Echosystem. Enjoy. X,BD


A Trump and a Tiger


Deep in a jungle

High up in the clouds


A trump and a tiger

Went down to the water

Playing together

Friends for ever

For ever and ever


Deep in a jungle

High up in the clouds


Trump only likes spikey water

So tiger jumps in first

Orange bubbles up trumps nose

Laughing and splashing

Friends together for ever and ever


Deep in a jungle

High up in the clouds


Trump and a tiger

Get out of the water

Trump blows tigers fur dry

All fluffy and clean

Friends cosy together

For ever and ever


Deep in a jungle

High up in the clouds


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