“…can you still tan in the light of a dead star?”

24 Dec

My edge is as surgical laser precision.
Operating in zero gravity.
On an industrial scale.
Decades advanced in an alternate universe.
Orbiting a white dwarf.
…can you still tan in the light of a dead star?

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One response to ““…can you still tan in the light of a dead star?”

  1. amalgamatedwondersoftheworld

    January 27, 2020 at 3:35 pm

    Jim Morrison still makes me feel ten foot tall
    Agnes Bernelle regularly entertains my very soul
    Elvis continues to gives me a swagger
    Cobain gets me high, Cohen helps me breathe
    Prince turns me back into a sensual teen.

    Lennon will forever inspire Peace
    Bowie can bring a room to life
    Mercury continually makes champions of us all.

    Balance & Sleazy inspire more in death
    Than most do in life.
    Hunter S Thompson
    Douglas Adams, Kubrick & Froese
    Still take my mind to alternate worlds.

    Etc etc etc…


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