It Must be a Dream

01 Apr

I was involved with a criminal gang, just selling dope really. One lad got out of order and another pulled a gun on him, I was outraged, shocked, embarrassed and frightened, this was big do do for us, serious shit, he proceed to shoot him but only after setting fire to the old warehouse that we were hanging around in.
I could not believe it, it must be a dream. Next morning I walked past the warehouse down by the docks and it had indeed been burned down. I recognised the guy going through the rubble as he had looked in through the door last night just as things kicked off, I knew he was a witness, I knew he had seen us there, he was fearful of me but I now feared for him.

Police came to my house last night & arrested me because details of a recent crime was similar to my post about a dream I had. I am now their number one suspect in an arson & murder case. When I woke up I was in a cell.


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