02 Jul

Fan of The Orb? Who are Orb?
I only seen this yesterday, their releases and creative trajectory make a lot more sense now…

‘Orbus Terrarum’ is one of my favourite albums EVER and I just found out it was made primilarly by this lad, HE is the reason I spend hours weaving noise trying to get ‘that’ sound – Kris Weston / aka “Thrash”
Off to raid the piggy bank –

Thank you for the music & inspiration Mr. KW.




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  1. amalgamatedwondersoftheworld

    August 18, 2015 at 8:02 pm

    £10 plus some pence for some of the greatest sounds EVER produced –

    …bundle includes Orb demo’s & rare live 91-93 recordings plus Kris Weston new tracks are simply sublime…

    I cannot recommend this highly enough, pass it on…

    NB – I recommend NOT trying to contact Kris, even if you run into difficulty with your donation etc, good-luck to you, your on your own!!


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